The apple's cute cousin

Our love of tree fruits doesn't stop at apples, so of course we had to produce pears! These locally-grown fruits are the perfect addition to any fruit dish, and are available September through January.


Clapp pears are large and oval in shape has pale yellow skin, often with a pale red blush and sweet, juicy flesh. Clapp pears are perfect for eating and canning.
Available late August to October.
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Best for Eating
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Shaped like a bell and green ripening to yellow in colour, Bartlett Pears have a sweet pear flavour and smooth buttery texture. Bartlett pears are excellent when eaten fresh and are a common pear used for canning.
Available mid September to November.
Best for Eating


Bosc Pears have a long tapering neck and brown russeted skin. The flesh is crunchy and tender with what is described as a sweet-spiced flavour. Bosc pears are great for eating fresh, and because of their firm flesh, they are ideal for baking, broiling or poaching.
Available early October to December.
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