From our field to your plate

Our potato season starts with an early variety white potato harvested in July. The potatoes are precooled in the field before they are taken to the packing plant to remove field heat. Then before they are packed in either poly or paper bags, they are dry brushed or washed to remove as much dirt as possible ensures your customers get the best quality potatoes possible.  

White Potatoes

White potatoes are round with a thin skin. A good all-purpose potato, use white potatoes for french fries, baked, steamed or boiled potatoes.
Available July to November.
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Best for Eating
Best for Salads

Yellow Potatoes

Yellow potatoes are harvested in early August. Yukon Gold and Vivaldi are known for their creamy yellow flesh and are round with a smooth skin. Use yellow potatoes when baking, roasting, mashing or making french fries.
Available August to November.
Best for Eating

Red Potatoes

We start harvesting red potatoes begins in early August. Red skinned, with creamy white flesh and shallow eyes, red potatoes are best used for steaming, boiling, in salads and when pan frying.
Available August to November.
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