Feature Team Member: Rob Bedard

Meet the Bird Whisperer: Store manager Robert Bedard

Feeding the birds is a piece of cake, right? Not so much...

Lucky for you, Robert Bedard, store manager, is a self-proclaimed bird feeding specialist! If you need to know anything about feeding your feathered friends, look for Rob at the cozy Country Store! Robert can provide tips and tricks for attracting your favourite birds to your feeders, and give insight to using the proper birdseed, which the store conveniently stocks! Robert was recently featured in the Co-op Country flyer for his bird feeding expertise. Here is an excerpt from the recent flyer: Rob - feature team member"One bird that a lot of our customers are trying to attract to their feeders is the Northern Cardinal. The Cardinal will usually be the first bird at your feeder in the morning and usually the last one in the evening. The trick to attracting these beautiful birds is to have a stationary feeder with opportunity to forage on the ground, and feed black oil sunflower seed. Another beautiful bird to attract to your feeder is the Evening Grosbeak, the largest member of the North American finch family. You can tell these birds apart from the rest by their large thick beak.The males have a bright yellow patch over their eyes and are a stalky and imposing bird. They usually will arrive throughout the winter and early spring and then you may see them again in the fall. They usually do not stay around your feeder long and usually show up in a pair. Like the cardinal, the grosbeak loves to feed on black oil sunflower seed, making it the perfect seed for attracting colourful birds!"

Care Instructions

Your bird feeder should be cleaned thoroughly once a month and more popular feeders should be cleaned more than that. Use rubber gloves when cleaning.and rinse well to ensure removal of all cleaning residue.