Featured Pet: Marley

Marley on the Beach
Submitted by Railene Huxter

Meet Marley

Many people do not think of adoption when it comes to finding a pet. We met Marley at the SPCA in Waterville. She was a whirlwind of energy, excitement, and smiles - we instantly fell in love with her! Marley is an English setter and Retriever Mix who just turned three in October,   Marley is easy to please with her choice of toys, as she enjoys frolicking about with sticks of assorted sizes. She keeps her teeth pearly white and healthy with the help of Tarter Busters, her favourite treats, which Mommy and Daddy conveniently purchase at the Scotian Gold Country Pet and Horse Store! Marley's favourite trick is to "Find Daddy", our version of Hide and Seek.   Marley can be found chasing squirrels and rabbits, which is quite the mischievous behaviour! She also has her funny moments, like jumping in grandpa's pond for a drink! We couldn't be happier with our decision to adopt a rescue animal and bring Marley into our lives. She's definitely part of the family now!