Equipment Rentals

The right equipment makes all the difference whether you’re trying to spread fertilizer, lay mulch, or transplant. Please call our farm desk for home and farm equipment rentals.

Available Equipment

Raised Bed Mulch Layer

Creates a firm raised bed, accepts 48″ plastic mulch, crown raised bed with 32″ planting surface, and a drip tape applicator. The mulch layer is the best tool for weed control and soil water management for the mixed veggie farmer.

Trailer Spreader

The trailer spreader is available with narrow or floatation tires, has a 3 metric tonne capacity, and spreading widths of 40′ and 50′. A trailer spreader is the most efficient way to apply fertilizer to crops, saving you both time and money

Lawn Rollers and other equipment are also available. Please contact us for more information.

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