The key to a successful crop – whether it’s your front lawn or acres of field crops – starts with your soil.

vector spreader custom application

Fertilizers help nourish the soil, replenish shortages of minerals, and micronutrients, which help your crop grow.

Granular Fertilizer

Valley Fertilizer products are blended in our Coldbrook, NS blending plant.

Fertilizer blends, including specialized blends, are available in bag/tote sizes listed below:

32-4-8 40%SCU 2.5%Iron
8-32-16 Turf Starter
21-7-7 40%SCU
Custom (Min. 500kg order)

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Greenhouse & Foliar Fertilizer

We carry a full line up of soluble greenhouse grade and foliar fertilizer products (including organic) from:

van Iperen greenhouse fertilizer
NutriAg Foliar nutrients
Eco + organic and granular nutrients
yara foliar nutrients

Lime Products

Calcitic Lime Pelletized25kg
Calcitic Lime Powdered22.7kg
Dolomitic Lime Pelletized15kg
Dolomitic Lime Powdered18kg
Hydrated Lime22.7kg

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