Orchard & Vineyard

Scotian Gold has been working with tree fruit growers for over 60 years providing quality products and expert advice. Our commitment to our growers is to source and carry orchard & vineyard equipment and supplies that maximize yields and efficiencies.

Orchard Supplies

Our orchard supplies include trellis, wildlife control, harvest supplies & equipment, pruning, grafting, and bare-root trees.

Vineyard Supplies

We carry a wide range of trellis, wildlife control, harvest supplies & equipment, and pruning supplies.


Have you ever wondered how to get the best yield on your fruit crops, or the fullest trees and shrubs?

Pruning yearly is your answer! We carry a variety of hand pruners, pruning saws, as well as loppers and pole loppers to facilitate every pruning job.

For the seasoned pruner, we carry a wide variety of pneumatic pruners, as well as our new battery pack pruners!

Scotian Gold is the only pruning sales and service center in Nova Scotia! Come in and see Dave, our pruning specialist, for all your pruning needs!

We carry a wide variety of pruning supplies from your favorite brands including:

Felco pruners & supplies
Bahco pruning & supplies
Silky Saws & pruner supplies
infaco pruners & supplies


We are your one-stop-shop for trellis supplies. We carry everything you need from supports & anchors to wire & clips. Contact our Farm Desk for a full list of trellis supplies!

Wildlife Control

From deer & racoons to birds & mice, we have the solution to best protect your crop!

We have a large selection of bird scare devices, netting, and wildlife fencing options available to keep animals, both large and small, out of your orchard or vineyard.


Harvest is probably the busiest time of year, but we are here to help you harvest with ease. Come see our large selection of ladders, baskets, clippers, and platforms to make harvest more efficient.

Make pruning and harvest a breeze with a N.Blosi Orchard Platform! Contact the Farm Desk for more details.

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