Co-Op Horse Feeds

Atlantic Horse feed provides the horse owner with balanced and economical nutrition for the maintenance and growth needs of the horse. The feeds are manufactured based on current research in equine nutrition and high-quality standards.

This economical equine ration is designed to meet the nutritional needs of the mature horse at maintenance, performing light work, the lactating mare, or the young growing foal. These feeds will complement average to good quality hay or pasture forage.

Legacy Horse Feeds

The Legacy line of premium equine feeds provides optimum nutrition to benefit horses of all ages and activity levels…for the young growing foal through to the golden years… for the active performance horse or the adult horse at maintenance. These feeds encompass a variety of protein levels, textures, and nutritional attributes to allow flexibility in any equine feeding program.

Legacy horse feeds incorporate the latest advances in nutritional research and high-quality standards. All Legacy feeds have been formulated with:

  • yeast culture
  • organic trace minerals
  • biotin
  • B-complex vitamins
  • high levels of vitamin E

Yeast culture increases the digestibility of fiber and also improves protein utilization. Since both trace minerals and B-vitamins are required for energy metabolism and other important co-enzyme functions, Legacy Horse Feeds contain enhanced levels of these nutrients. The use of organic trace minerals ensures better absorption of these essential minerals during the digestive process. B-vitamins are particularly important for the young growing foal and those horses under stress, such as exercise, recovery from surgery, or environmental changes. Biotin, which is significant in improving hoof health, has also been added. The Legacy feeds feature a high level of Vitamin E, an antioxidant that aids in preventing tissue damage and assists in tissue repair. Vitamin E, along with the organic trace minerals, also improves the immune system.

The formulation of the Legacy line of premium equine feeds utilizes quality protein and grain ingredients tested for nutritional content. The higher fat level in certain Legacy feeds increases the energy density of the ration, which means less feed will be required while providing a safe alternative energy source (compared to a high starch diet). This will cause less stress on the horse’s digestive system.

Blue Seal Horse Feeds

The Blue Seal line of horse feed is made from high-quality ingredients to provide the best foundation to a balanced diet. Blue Seal feeds are formulated with the latest developments in equine nutrition, while taking into consideration the most recent advances in equine management.

All Blue Seal feed has been formulated with:

  • Premium quality ingredients
  • Fixed formulas
  • Chelated copper, zinc, manganese, and selenium
  • Added B-vitamin, including Biotin
  • Added vitamin C