Our selection of equine products has grown immensely in the past year and it still continues to grow. We carry grooming supplies, supplements, hoof and coat products, dewormers, blankets, horse boots/bell boots, saddle pads, headstalls, reins, bridles, girths/cinches, bits, spurs, helmets, gloves, halters, and leads, stable supplies, show shirts and more! We are very proud to be carrying the Weaver brand of horse products as their products are of excellent quality.

Another addition to the store is a tag engraver- allowing us to do custom halter, bridle, saddle, and stall plates!


We deal with Weaver, Western Rawhide, Cavalier, Ger-Ryan, and Canadian Saddlery to name a few. We are also able to source other items if you are looking for other products.